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This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved son, JACOB M. ESPINDOLA who was born in California on Friday, April 21, 1989 and passed away on Friday, January 12, 2007 at the age of 17. We will love, cherrish, honor and remember him forever.   With his clear soul and beautiful brown eyes he changed sooo many lives just being his caring self.  He was a terrific cousin, a good step brother and a fantastic big brother.  He was cherrished by his grandparents, each and every one of them.  He had quickly become a young man with a heart as big as his spirit.   He continues to amaze me and make me proud even to this day.  Jacob is truely one of a kind...  If you knew him, you wouldnt have ever forgotten him...    Please feel free to share your stories about him....
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2015 winding down....Next stop, the Holidays . .   / Mom (earth mother )
So as I sit here, waiting for my 5 hour energy to kick in so I have a little energy today, I cant help but think to you. As I left the house this morning, your beautiful tribute that a fellow classmate of mine made, crashed to the floor and splinter...  Continue >>
Graduation 2015 ..... no easier than 2007   / Mommy (Merms)
Another graduation year.... another reminder that you didn't get to make it... Everyone posts their happy graduation photos while I "like" them and silently cry in the privacy of my home. Nobody sees the hurt, nobody sees the yearning of a mama t...  Continue >>
Already.....yet....O-NLY....  / Merms (momeeeeyyyyyy)
I can't help myself... some day's I just wake up and miss you like crazy... This morning was one of them.. I just go back to sleep and pray to my god that I dream about you... It never happens Chew... I ask myself WHY??? Its Just not fair and I...  Continue >>
8 + Years and I still don't "get it"   / Forever &. Ever I. Will Be Your (Mom....)
Going forward, yet moving back at the same time... How can time travel soooo fast yet incredibly slow at the same time? I miss our friendship.... BAD... I know now how very special our relationship was/is... Too hard to always say "was" or "use...  Continue >>
Im stil angry after all of this time...   / Mom (Mom)
Fighting MAD ANGRY!!! Why did you have to die that night? Why not all the other people in this damn world that are reckless, careless and irresponsible? How about criminals? Why couldn't god have picked a criminal that night to be splattered acr...  Continue >>
2015 - Life goes on, yet I am still stuck....  / Mommy Killian (Merms)    Read >>
Another Christmas with out You  / Gram &. Grampy Mossor (Maternal grandmother )    Read >>
He took my hand . . .a poem...  / Mommy     Read >>
Jacob Michael " A letter to My Grandson"  / Gram "Cracker" Mossor (Grandmother)    Read >>
2014 & YOU SHOULD be here. . .  / Mommy     Read >>
I miss you sooo bad I ache . . .  / Mommy (mom)    Read >>
lil Bro  / Shawnee (He's my Bro )    Read >>
Jacob / Sharon Mossor (Grandmother)    Read >>
Merry Christmas Jacob Michael  / Grammy (Grandmother)    Read >>
The Holidays..  / Kelli K. (Mom)    Read >>
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Jacob & Nathan's first picture together April 2004
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