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This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved son, JACOB M. ESPINDOLA who was born in California on Friday, April 21, 1989 and passed away on Friday, January 12, 2007 at the age of 17. We will love, cherrish, honor and remember him forever.   With his clear soul and beautiful brown eyes he changed sooo many lives just being his caring self.  He was a terrific cousin, a good step brother and a fantastic big brother.  He was cherrished by his grandparents, each and every one of them.  He had quickly become a young man with a heart as big as his spirit.   He continues to amaze me and make me proud even to this day.  Jacob is truely one of a kind...  If you knew him, you wouldnt have ever forgotten him...    Please feel free to share your stories about him....
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Tributes and Condolences
Your heavenly Birthday...   / Merms
I never thought in a million, trillion, bazillion years my life would have turned out as it has. Our whole entire family has been effected by your absence. Nathan holds anger until he explodes, he reads your obituary (the laminated version) I thin...  Continue >> what?   / Mamma Loves N. Luvs (Mom)
It seems every time I step forward, I get a blowing hit back two steps.... but I keep forging on...breath by breath... I really wish you would come visit me, its soooo hard not to have you to confide in. You are not only my first born, but my hone...  Continue >>
Another Christmas without YOU   / Merms (Mom)
So its been hard lately.... My mind wanders to you every moment it gets the chance. Not only I need you for your support and loving soul, but our family needs you! I would have never imagined I would spend even 1 Christmas without you, let alone 9...  Continue >>
2016 is half over .....where are you?   / Merms (Mom)
Chewie, You know I miss you, I know you know I love you, but maybe what you didn't know so much is how your brother is struggling without you. I worry so much about his mental health nowadays, he could really use some big brother time. I don't kno...  Continue >>
Another year with out you My Beautiful Grandson   / Gram Mossor (Grandmother Maternal )
Dear Jacob its almost eight years since you left us. We still miss you every day, your smile, your teasing ways, your thoughtfulness, your tooth brush hair do. Its been very different since you left, your Mom is doing a little better , I really ...  Continue >>
December 30, 2015.....  / Mom (partner in crime )    Read >>
December 2015 Next stop, christmas then angel day  / Mom Lost In The Shuffle (Momma)    Read >>
2015 winding down....Next stop, the Holidays . .  / Mom (earth mother )    Read >>
Graduation 2015 ..... no easier than 2007  / Mommy (Merms)    Read >>
Already.....yet....O-NLY.... / Merms (momeeeeyyyyyy)    Read >>
8 + Years and I still don't "get it"  / Forever &. Ever I. Will Be Your (Mom....)    Read >>
Im stil angry after all of this time...  / Mom (Mom)    Read >>
2015 - Life goes on, yet I am still stuck....  / Mommy Killian (Merms)    Read >>
Another Christmas with out You  / Gram &. Grampy Mossor (Maternal grandmother )    Read >>
He took my hand . . .a poem...  / Mommy     Read >>
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Jacob & Nathan's first picture together April 2004
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